Skin Care Treatments

Highly effective accompaniments to your daily home care routine or a boost to begin a healthy skin care regime. Treatments are customized and cater to each individual skin type.

Mini Cleanse

A one-hour deep cleansing facial treatment involving steam, light exfoliation, extraction, massage, a therapeutic soothing and calming mask concluded with hydration and environmental protection. The results are healthy, glowing skin.  A great treatment for clogged skin.

Full Cleanse

Utilizing the same procedures as the Mini but an extended deep-cleansing treatment of the face, neck and shoulder area with more of a focus on massage. Wonderfully relaxing!

Express Cleanse

This deep pore cleansing procedure is similar to the Mini cleanse procedure without the massage. Also a great treatment for teens and acne prone skin.

Back Treatment

A deep cleansing treatment for the back and shoulder area.


This dramatic treatment is a similar cleansing procedure that incorporates active layers of self-heating seaweed with an emphasis on nourishing and hydration.

Vitamin C

This treatment encourages the stimulation of collagen with added benefits of light exfoliation while increasing the skin’s firmness.


A soothing and deep penetrating treatment that utilizes heat and therapeutic wax, resulting in very soft and moisturized skin.